SUSSEX, WISCONSIN, U.S. — Repete Corp., a company that provides automated control system solutions, has developed a unique technology platform called FLX to give process manufacturing plants such as feed mills, pet food plants, and food processing plants a better, safer means of production.

The FLX platform takes automation to a lights-out level, enabling companies to reduce labor costs, prevent human error, maintain product quality and avoid waste, Repete said. It improves tracking and tracing capabilities, increases confidence in product safety, allows immediate accountability, and mitigates liability.

“Lights-out automation is automation to the fullest extent,” said Wade Leverett, chief executive officer ofRepete. “It’s like being able to say ‘goodnight’ to your plant floor, confident in knowing everything will be under control after the last person shuts off the lights and leaves.”

Repete achieved lights-out automation by building advanced recovery capabilities and versioned libraries of control. This approach mitigates downtime from disruption or shutdown of operations, making possible the automatic restart of operations at the exact point the problem occurred, the company said.

Repete will feature FLX technology at the 2016 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE), booth 1339.
FLX is part of the Repete Automation Ecosystem, an approach to automation that combines expertise in plant processes, business acumen and technology to deliver integrated, end-to-end automation solutions.