WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA — The Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) announced on Nov. 2 that it launched a mass advertising campaign, urging Canadians to stand up to the Harper government and its plan to dismantle the board by Christmas despite a majority of farmers opposing the decision.

The campaign, which includes print, radio, TV, a microsite and online advertising, asks Canadians to text FARMER to 24680. The text generates a letter to MPs, opposing the decision to dismantle the wheat board, in support of Canadian wheat and barley farmers.

"We're asking Canadians to help us send a clear message to the Harper government that we will not be steamrolled by their anti-democratic processes," said Allen Oberg, chair of the Canadian Wheat Board. "Today, it's wheat farmers. What about tomorrow? The Harper government is acting ruthlessly, unethically and illegally and the outcome is that Canadian farmers are at risk of losing their livelihood."

Despite the fact that the law requires the government to let farmers decide on major changes to the CWB, the government refused to hold a vote among farmers and says it will ignore the vote conducted by the CWB, the CWB said.

“This campaign is about standing up to a bully government that is acting recklessly," said Oberg. "To date, we still have not seen any business case on why the CWB should be eliminated and no plan for its future. No farmers have been consulted and this legislation is against their wishes. It's time to stop the Harper government from steamrolling Canadian farmers."

More information is available here to see the advertising materials.