MOSCOW, RUSSIA — According to the Russian State Statistical Data (Rosstat), as of Aug. 1, the country’s grain stocks at farms, processing enterprises and elevators increased by 33% from July 1and reached 28.6 million tonnes. These stocks include carry-over grain from the previous marketing year and grain from the 2016 crop. The 2015 grain harvest began later than last year, and Russia’s total grain stocks are 6% lower than on Aug. 1, 2014.

The total amount of wheat reached 7.4 million tonnes, up 1.8% compared to 7.2 million tonnes at the same time last year. Rosstat said 5.3 million tonnes of the 7.4 million tonnes of wheat are suitable for food purposes.

Corn also increased 58% to 419,000 tonnes from 264,000 tonnes at the same time last year.

Barley reached 1 million tonnes, up 12% compared to 891,000 tonnes at the same time last year.

Rye decreased 2.3% from 438,000 tonnes to 575,000 tonnes at the same time last year.

However, the situation varies depending on the different regions of Russia. South of European Russia stocks are 16.3 million tonnes, or 12% higher than a year ago, due to good crop and smaller than last year July exports.In the Central Federal District, stocks are only 5.9 million tonnes or 34% smaller than last year due to a late harvest. In the Volga Valley and Siberia, stocks are 3.3 million tonnes and 1.7 million tonnes, respectively, or 9% and 15% lower than last year. In Volga Valley, this is the result of a poor crop due to dryness, and in Siberia it is due to a delayed harvest.