KIEV, UKRAINE — Implementation of a free trade agreement between Ukraine and the E.U., effective Jan. 1, 2016, will expand the range of exports between the two nations, said Vladyslava Rutytska, deputy minister of Agrarian Policy and Food, during the recent International Legal Forum .

"Now Ukraine is capable to export products to the E.U. countries from 235 Ukrainian enterprises,” Rutytska said. . “The requirements of the E.U. are rather high. These requirements ensure high safety, product quality and an ability to trade in the E.U. market and other international markets, to differentiate sales, build an effective sales strategy. Today, we work to encourage export among producers, explaining ways to enter the markets of Europe and possible preferences from exports to the E.U. In particular, this year for the first time we have engaged in the export, in the framework of autonomous trade preferences, of sugar, starch and more actively - oats, malt and eggs.”

"The association agreement between Ukraine and the E.U. opens up new opportunities for agrarians: an access to the European markets, a search for reliable partners,” said Rutytska. “It is also viewed of great importance for an increase of exports of provisions with high added value.”