JOHNSON, KANSAS, U.S. — Skyland Grain, LLC, a regional joint venture between The Cairo Cooperative Equity Exchange, Johnson Cooperative Grain Co., Syracuse Cooperative Exchange and ADM Grain Co., announced on Aug. 10 that it will be adding new facilities and equipment in both its Eastern and Western Divisions across Kansas and eastern Colorado for member-owners totaling over $18 million in the next year.

The new facilities and equipment include the following in the Eastern Division, which serves member-owners in south central Kansas, U.S.: 

• Two 500,000 bushel grain bunkers at Cunningham, Kansas, U.S. and Calista, Kansas, U.S. locations which will be ready for fall harvest.

• A new chemical warehouse and 7,500-ton liquid fertilizer storage facility also located in Cunningham by spring of 2016. Three new scale houses located in the Cairo, Kansas, U.S. area, high speeds legs at all new sites and a new dry air flow spreader at the Penalosa, Kansas, U.S., location.

By wheat harvest of 2016, member-owners can also expect new grain bins at Cunningham, Calista, and south of Cairo,totaling 750,000 bushels, 1.2 million bushels and 500,000 bushels, respectively.

In the Western Division, which serves southwest Kansas and eastern Colorado, Skyland Grain will be putting up three new bunker locations to serve its member owners. New bunkers will be located at Johnson, Kansas, U.S., Big Bow, Kansas, U.S., and Vilas, Colorado, U.S., each with 600,000 bushel storage capacity. These will be ready by fall of 2015. They will also be adding a new dry air flow spreader at the Johnson location.

In addition, they will also be adding grain storage facilities at Rolla, Colorado, U.S., including a high speed leg, with 1.2 million bushels of storage capacity by next spring. This is in addition to the $4 million, 12,500-ton dry fertilizer plant that was put up earlier this year in Johnson.

“We are extremely pleased to announce these new facilities and equipment for our member-owners across Kansas and eastern Colorado. It’s evidence that the Skyland Grain joint venture continues to work well for our existing membership as well as add immediate value to our newest members in south central Kansas by our ability to improve storage capacity, speed and efficiency; three things today’s producer expects from their local coop,” said David Cron, chief executive officer (CEO), Skyland Grain, LLC.