ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA — The Institute for Feed Education and Research (IFEEDER), the American Feed Industry Association's 501(c)(3), announced on Aug. 26 its selection of a recipient for its first research grant to help further education and research within the animal food industry. IFEEDER sought requests for proposals (RFPs) earlier this year from those dedicated to education and research within the animal food industry, primarily land grant universities.

Mark Hanigan, the David R. & Margret Lincicome professor in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, submitted a proposed project on an industry-specific project, "Assessing Intestinal Absorption of Amino Acids from Various Feedstuffs." As a grant recipient, Hanigan will receive up to $75,000 in three installments during the next three years. His submission was one of 12, which came from 11 different universities.

The RFP that IFEEDER's Research Committee laid out contained specific parameters, requirements and submission points for each proposal. The committee designated four research themes that IFEEDER is focusing on:
    -Legislative and Regulatory Issues
    -Feed Safety/Food Safety
    -Animal Nutrition and Health
    -Sustainability - environmental, economic, social

Hanigan's research project was chosen because of the potential improvements it will have on the American feed industry such as the impact on nutrition of the animal, health of the animal and aid in the sustainability of our industry from both an environmental and social aspect.

"Industry representatives, university scientists and feed industry consultants are the backbone of progress for the feed industry," said Chad Risley, chief executive officer of Berg+Schmidt America, who chairs IFEEDER's Research Committee. "Our commitment to research, education and sustainability for the robust future of animal feed and the needs of a growing world population, compels us to collaborate closely with allied groups for ideas and answers."

In addition to its newest research project, IFEEDER plans to continue its search for grant candidates in the future and will monitor its previous commitments--thus far $631,000 has been donated by the nonprofit foundation to research and education projects since its inception in 2009.