MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, U.S. — Cargill released its fiscal 2015 corporate responsibility report on Aug. 19,“Cargill@150,” which shares how Cargill plans to move forward to address sustainability issues, and provide examples of the company’s work promoting food security and improving communities where it operates.

“At Cargill, we want to be the most trusted source of sustainable products and services,” said David MacLennan, Cargill president and chief executive officer. “Given our broad presence in food and agriculture, we know we have a fundamental responsibility for our environmental and social impact. From our pledge to end deforestation in our supply chains to our investments in expanding capacity for food production, I believe Cargill is making a difference in global issues of importance.”

In its 150th year in business, Cargill said it continues to operate by building community gardens, assisting food banks, supporting education in developed and developing countries and improving nutrition at local schools.

“Feeding a world on its way to 9 billion more prosperous people is a complex challenge,” said Greg Page, Cargill executive chairman. “At Cargill, we are optimistic that we can meet the challenge of ensuring all people have access to safe, nutritious and affordable food without impairing the world’s capacity to serve future generations.”

TheCargill 2015 Annual Report with the theme “Listening. Learning. Leading,” is also available.