DARLINGTON, UNITED KINGDOM — Vortex announced on July 9 the appointment of Teelad Investments Limited as its exclusive agent in Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast and the Benin Republic.

Nigeria is considered an economic powerhouse on the African continent and is the business hub for many of Vortex's multinational clients in the region.

"Vortex is looking forward to working with Teelad Investments in expanding our product and service offering to Africa's largest economy," said Travis Young, vice-president of Global Business Development for Vortex. "The team at Teelad Investments are committed to offering superior products, with a focus on customer service to the food, chemical, and mineral industries in West Africa."

Teelad Investments was established in 1997 as a filtration and separations specialist company to filter and purify products for numerous clients such as Nestlé, GlaxoSmithKline and Unilever.