MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, U.S. — MGEX set a pair of top five daily volume records on June 29, with total volume finishing the day at 21,534 contracts traded, making it the fourth-highest volume day in the history of the exchange.

Electronic volume from June 29 was the third-best of all-time, reaching 20,296.

This marks the second-straight day MGEX has set a pair of top 10 daily volume records.

Total volume for the month of June, which surpassed the all-time monthly record following June 26’s activity, even further extended that margin on June 29, now standing at 244,538 contracts traded.

Electronic volume for June also set a new all-time record following June 29’s activity, reaching 217,400 for the month. Open interest following June 29’s  activity was 59,534.