SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA — Sioux Steel Co. recently announced several new offerings in its Pro•Tec Engineered Buildings division, which produces buildings for large capacity flat grain storage.

The Sentry Series is the latest line of buildings that are constructed using all high strength steel and are available in widths from 40 feet up to 180 feet. In addition to being completely customizable, Sentry Buildings are also engineered to withstand 20-30-40-50-60 psf of ground snow and 90 mph basic wind speed.

Pro•Tec also announced Grain Shield, which makes it possible to store over 30% more grain in a Pro•Tec Sentry Building.

In addition to Sentry Buildings, Pro•Tec also produces Single Tube and Gable style buildings. Both styles are designed to withstand the elements such as wind and snow and can be customized to fit various commercial or industrial applications. All Pro•Tec Buildings provide natural lighting and ventilation.