REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA — Viterra Inc. announced on March 12 that it is launching an improved version of its “myViterra” mobile application for its North American farm customers in April.

The new version will be an easier to use tool that will provide enhanced grain pricing information for all of Viterra's grain handling facilities, and will begin to introduce further functionality that is currently only available on the “myViterra” desktop site. Adding to its flexibility, the new “myViterra” mobile friendly site will be available for use on all devices.

These upgrades to Viterra's mobile platform are the latest in a series of improvements the company has made to its suite of online tools since they were launched in 2008.

"We place a high priority on leveraging our technology to meet the needs of customers, so they can capture opportunities in the marketplace through timely and accurate information" said Kyle Jeworski, Viterra's president and chief executive officer for North America. "Initiatives like these are part of our overall focus on our customers, connecting them to opportunities in markets around the world. As we move forward, we will continue making improvements to our technology, and other areas of our service offering such as contracting and sales processes to ensure we continue to be easy to do business with."