MIAMI, FLORIDA, U.S. — Eagle Packaging Machinery announced in February that it has teamed up with WeighPack Systems to custom build a complete packaging solution to fill and seal stand-up pouches, erect, load and seal cases and then palletize for ship-ready containers.

Alongside WeighPack’s auger filler and horizontal bagger, the system consists of Eagle’s Boxxer T12 case erector, automatic Drop Packer, EZ-Tape case sealer and Z.Zag palletizer.

The Boxxer T12 erects and tapes 12 cases per minute then transfers to the box indexing machine. The box indexer ensures cases are ready and waiting for the signal that the bags can be loaded. While cases are formed and indexed, product is weighed and filled into stand-up pouches. Bags are then indexed and arranged in alternating patterns in preparation for case loading. Once the case is in position bags are dropped directly into the case. The full box is then transferred to the EZ-Tape case sealer. Once the sealed case exits the system, it is picked up by the Z.Zag palletizer and transferred to a pallet ready for shipping.