QUEBEC CITY, QUEBEC, CANADA — CN and Agri-Marché, Inc. announced on Oct. 11 that they have signed an agreement to promote greater efficiencies in the Quebec grain supply chain and to deliver better customer service.

The parties will measure performance against specific targets and identify ways to mutually improve the grain distribution supply chain. CN delivers grain to Agri-Marché at Saint-Isidore, located southeast of Quebec City.

Doug MacDonald, CN vice-president, corporate marketing, said, "Our agreement with Agri-Marché provides the both of us with the tools to do a better job of serving the end-customers."

Jean-Pierre Brochu, operations manager of Agri-Marché, said, "We have seen a solid improvement in CN's performance as a result of its increased customer collaboration and efforts to improve supply chain efficiencies. We welcome this change, which improves our relationship with our grain suppliers and positions our company to grow its market share with CN."

Jean-Jacques Ruest, CN executive vice-president and chief marketing officer, added, "CN signed comprehensive supply chain agreements over the summer with more than 20 customers in the forest-products, grain, and metals and minerals segments. CN is pursuing commercial agreements with all customers who want to improve the supply chain on a mutually beneficial basis. It can be done. It is being done."