ATCHISON, KANSAS, U.S. — MGP Ingredients (MGP) announced on Oct. 15 the appointment of prominent cereal food scientist Clodualdo “Ody” Maningat to serve in the role of vice-president of ingredients, research & development and chief science officer.

“We are thrilled to have Ody back on our team at MGP,” said Mike Buttshaw, vice-president of ingredients sales and marketing. “His in depth knowledge of plant starches and proteins, particularly in the wheat area, is widely recognized on both a national and global scale. Ody will lead our research and innovation efforts as we strive to capture value share with our current and future specialty ingredients. The result will be a further strengthening of MGP’s ability to provide the best and most innovative solutions for our food industry partners today and in the future.”

For the past two years, Maningat was vice-president of research and development and technical services with Manildra Group USA located in Shawnee Mission, Kansas, U.S. His return to MGP marks the renewal of his career with the company, which previously spanned 27 years.

Maningat first joined MGP as a research and development chemist. He later served as corporate director of research and development and quality control, and was promoted to vice-president of applications technology and technical services in 2002.

“I am very excited about this new opportunity at MGP and the ability to perform a key role in providing innovative ingredient solutions to customers,” Maningat said. “MGP has much to offer its customer partners by way of nutritious, highly functional proteins and starches that address a variety of topical trends, including health and wellness, convenience, and sensory appeal, namely superb taste, texture and appearance. It is great to be part of the team here and contribute to the success of the company and those we serve.”

In addition to his full-time responsibilities at MGP, Maningat serves as an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Grain Science and Industry at Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, U.S. He is also a current member and former chair of the Advisory Board of the Food Processing Center of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

Maningat additionally is a member of the American Association of Cereal Chemists International, Institute of Food Technologists, American Society of Baking and American Chemical Society.  He has authored or co-authored more than 25 journal articles and book chapters in grain and food science publications, and holds more than 30 patents on grain-based technologies.

During his career, Maningat has been the recipient of various awards and honors, including the Majel A. MacMasters Memorial Achievement Award, the Outstanding Award in Science, and an Outstanding Alumni Award from Kansas State University’s Department of Grain Science and Industry, which he received in 2010. He was honored as a Fellow of the American Association of Cereal Chemists International in 2014.

A native of Balayan, Batangas, the Philippines, Maningat received a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Adamson University, Manila. He has a master’s degree in agricultural chemistry from the University of the Philippines and his Ph.D. degree in grain science from Kansas State University.