WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA — Cargill’s AgHorizons farm customers now have the ability to sign a grain delivery contract on-line, the company said on Aug. 18.

“Cargill’s unique positioning with our farm customers has allowed us the opportunity to better understand their needs, and what we’re hearing right now is that they want simplified solutions when it comes to signing grain contracts,” said Fran Burr, assistant vice-president of marketing, Cargill Limited. 

The first Canadian farmer to have the opportunity to move towards an electronic contact signing method was Ron Krahn, a long-time Cargill farm customer and co-owner of Providence Farms, Manitoba. 

“For me, the most significant advantage to Cargill’s new e-signature is the time saving involved” said Krahn. “Being able to complete a contract after business hours and knowing the transaction is completed gives peace of mind,” he added.  “I did our first e-signature in our farm office and it couldn’t get more convenient than that.” 

The new online e-signature service offered exclusively by Cargill, will not only give its customers distinctive online business solutions by providing direct access to grain marketing experts, it will also allow producers the ability to sign agreements anytime, anywhere, eliminating the need for faxes and making business transactions with Cargill more effortless.

“An improved overall experience for our customers is what we’re striving for,” said Burr. “Providing quicker access to various contract types, being more transparent about Cargill’s offerings and the ability to keep our producers instantly informed about the markets is how we can better meet their business needs and improve efficiencies.”  

To sign-up for the program, customers must simply get in touch with their local Cargill representative or location or by visiting

Cargill employees have also committed to plant one tree for every e-signature registration that goes through in 2014.