MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, U.S. — Registration is now open for three courses from the Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) and Kansas State University (KSU) Distance Education Program. GEAPS 524: Grain Drying, GEAPS 540: Safety Management for Grain Facilities and GEAPS 552: Materials Handling III run Sept. 2-Oct. 3.

GEAPS 524: Grain Drying covers basic principles of grain drying, with strategies for improving energy efficiency. This course is recommended for anyone from facility operators to dryer manufacturers and sales staff. Completion of GEAPS 524 counts towards the Specialist Credential in Grain Quality Management.

GEAPS 540: Safety Management for Grain Facilities provides fundamental safety techniques to help minimize the most significant work safety and health risks and is designed for operations management staff and those responsible for safety and health training. This course brings graduates closer to the Credential in Grain Operations Management (CGOM).

GEAPS 552: Materials Handling III introduces key information about powered-transmission design, system design and other affiliated systems used to move and store grain and related commodities. Management, operations and maintenance staff will find this course useful. Completion of this course confers credit toward the Specialist Credential in Grain Handling Equipment Management.

Courses are administered entirely online, and consist of 10 hour-long lectures developed and peer-reviewed by industry specialists. Tuition is $625 for GEAPS members and $795 for non-members. Registration closes Aug. 26. For more information about the courses or the GEAPS/KSU Distance Education Program, contact Rose Miller or Chuck House at GEAPS: rose@geaps.com; chuck@geaps.com; 1.952.928.4640.