KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, U.S. — The Kansas City Board of Trade (KCBT) said on Jan. 3 that it set a new annual volume trading record for the exchange as a whole in 2010, trading 5,697,874 contracts and breaking the previous annual volume record of 5,287,190 contracts set in 2006 by 7.8%.

HRW wheat futures volume traded in 2010 set a new annual volume record as well. A total of 5,549,842 contracts were traded, breaking the previous record of 4,763,168 contracts set in 2006 by 16.5%.

Also in 2010, the KCBT board of directors declared a record-high dividend of $29,000 per equity share (Class “AA” membership) for all shareholders of record as of Sept. 28, 2010. The dividend was based on the 2010 earnings of the corporation; this is the 13th consecutive dividend the KCBT has paid to its shareholders based on annual earnings. The dividend amount represents a 7.4% return on investment relative to the latest share sales price of $390,000 on Sept. 2.