BRUSSELS, BELGIUM — Several E.U. feed groups called on the European Commission on July 14 to authorize eight genetically modified (GM) products for import, food and feed processing. 

COCERAL, FEDIOL and FEFAC said the E.U. depends on 75% of its needs for protein-rich ingredients for feeding purposes from global world markets. Some of these GM products are already commercialized abroad, and others will be harvested and made available in the key exporting regions to the U.S. this fall, the groups said. 

Further delays in the E.U. authorization process may, therefore, lead to significant shortage and trade disruptions due to unavoidable presence of these GM events. This would trigger uncertainty on import flows, supply chain disruptions and price hikes for basic food products and major feed ingredients as well as undermine the competitiveness of the E.U. food, feed and livestock sectors, if a decision is not made in July. 

The eight GM products have been deemed safe by the European Food Safety Authority (ESFA) and have reached the final stage of the risk management process. The decisions for the related E.U. import authorizations lay in the hands of the E.U. Commission. Some of these have been waiting approval since the end of 2013.