DUISBURG, GERMANY — Brabender GmbH & Co. KG recently installed the Farinograph-AT in the Hoppenlau school’s laboratory in Stuttgart, Germany, with a new measuring mixer. 

Founded in 1926, the Hoppenlau school is the center of education for food and body care in Stuttgart. Besides different courses like vocational school or preparatory vocational training, lessons for professions like miller, baker or confectioner are taught there. As the only school of its kind in Germany, the Hoppenlau school prepares already trained millers for their master's certificate examination.

Brabender, a leading supplier of food quality testing instruments, now supports teaching at the Hoppenlau school with respect to the quality control of flour and dough. Thanks to a new measuring mixer for the Farinograph-AT – handed over by Managing Director Stephan Lange and Senior Sales Director Markus Löns – a modern 3-phase-system consisting of Farinograph, Extensograph and Amylograph is now available at the school’s laboratory.