WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA — Richardson International Limited announced on May 20 that it has increased canola crushing capacity at its processing plant in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada, by 25% due to continued demand for Canadian canola and canola products.

Following a C$30 million expansion project, Richardson’s Yorkton plant began processing 3,000 tonnes of canola per day, an increase from 2,400 tonnes per day, on April 1. The facility now has the capacity to process more than 1 million tonnes of canola per year. 

“Combined with strong origination capability through our Richardson Pioneer network across the Prairies, we are in an excellent position to keep up with ever-growing demand for canola oil,” said Darwin Sobkow, Richardson’s executive vice-president, agribusiness operations & processing. “We opened our Yorkton facility just under four years ago and we have continued to re-invest to enhance our operations and improve service to our customers.”

Richardson first opened its C$170 million, state-of-the-art canola processing facility at Yorkton in June 2010.  In addition to expanding crush capacity, the recent expansion project also included upgrades to the plant’s truck receiving system. Richardson added a third truck receiving pit and now offers a fully automated delivery system to provide customers with quick and easy access for delivery of their canola.  

“Canola is a true Canadian success story and we are committed to continuing to increase our presence in the market to meet growing demand for its products,” said Sobkow.

Combined with its canola processing plant in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, Richardson now has the capacity to process approximately 1.5 million tonnes of canola each year. The company also continues to explore opportunities to increase canola crushing capacity at its Lethbridge plant.