KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, U.S. — This week, World Grain magazine will launch a newly refreshed www.World-Grain.com website. This follows the magazine’s streamlining initiative that was launched in January with the refreshing of the print edition of World Grain magazine.

“The updated website will feature all of the content our readers expect with a new streamlined design,” said World Grain Publisher Dan Flavin. “When World Grain went about refreshing its website, improving navigation was at the top of our list. The updated www.World-Grain.com will be reorganized and cleaned up, giving visitors access to virtually anything you’d want right from the main menu.”

Flavin said the website will feature a “Trending Now” bar showing visitors the keywords that are demanding the attention of the industry.

“These are the most talked about topics on the site, updated live,” he said “We are curating the latest news and information from all of our news categories to give you a quick overview of the most important stories in the grain and milling industry. The refreshed site will also look at the articles you read, and then recommends similar articles and topics. It’s like your own personal librarian.”