LAGOS, NIGERIA — Dangote Flour Mills Plc has appointed Noel Doyle as group chief executive officer, according to a news released posted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange on March 28.

The release said that Nthabisheng Segoale, the former CEO, had resigned effective March 4.

The company said a profile of Noel will be available soon.

Dangote Flour Mills started operations in 1999, as a division of Dangote Industries Limited. Following the strategic decision of DIL to unbundle its various operations, Dangote Flour Mills was incorporated in 2006. 

From an initial installed capacity of 500 tonnes per day at its Apapa mill, Dangote Flour has expanded rapidly by opening in quick successions three other flour mills in Kano (2000), Calabar (2001) and Ilorin (2005). Each of the mills started with an installed capacity of 500 tonnes per day but all of them have subsequently expanded resulting in a total installed capacity of 5,000 tonnes per day.