KONYA, TURKEY — ?ma? Makine broke ground on Oct. 14 in Konya, Turkey for a new factory that will increase its capacity two and a half times.

The $9 million project will increase the factory’s area to 56,000 square meters. The company aims to increase turnover by three times in the medium term.

“Our current factory which has an area of 10,300 square meters will be extended approximately two and a half times and will be active over an area of 25.623 square meters,” said Tuncay Lamc?, ?ma? Makine general manager.  “Seha Yap?, which is one of our group companies, will carry out the construction of our new company which we aim to finish in one year.”

Lamc? mentioned that the factory will be built with an infrastructure, which could provide the electric energy required by the company and in steel construction.

“Our company, who constructs turnkey grain milling factories and carries out important works in metal cutting sector, is on its way to becoming an intelligence company which could respond to all the needs of the sectors in which it provides service," he said.

Lamc? said with the new factory investment the company aims to achieve the highest quality with lower costs.

“In our new factory we can find the opportunity to try out our innovative and technologically value added products we produce,” he said.  “We will continue to design machinery and systems that are sustainable and that provide competitive power to our customers.”

Lamc? stated that ?ma? Makine was established as the second subsidiary of the ?ttifak Holding in order to be active in the milling sector in 1989. In 1991, they added band saw machines to their activities and became active in these two sectors.

“?ma? has become a global company. We have exported our goods to more than 60 countries.  Within this scope, we export nearly 96% of our milling machines and 17% of our band saw machines,” he said. “The performance we have shown so far has encouraged us to grow. We believe that we will see the outcome of this as soon as possible.”