SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS, U.S. — Perten Instruments announced on Oct. 14 that it is opening a new office in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

“It’s very exciting to open our new Canadian operation right in the heart of our primary business area in Canada. We have a very large user base, and it’s going to be close to all of these customers,” said Mike Reimer, general manager of the new office. “We feel that having the local office is key to providing the sales, service, and support Perten is used to providing and that our customers demand.”

The Winnipeg office will employ Reimer, a service technician, and an office assistant. Perten said its goals are to provide quality sales, service, support and applications directly within Canada. It will further Perten’s interest and connections to the grain trade and processing industries, the company said.

The office expands Perten’s current Canadian team which includes Ed Arsenault and Marc Turmel. Arsenault will focus his activities on Eastern Canada as the Eastern regional manager. Turmel will continue his current support and service activities that will now be coordinated through the Winnipeg office.