REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA — Alliance Grain Traders Inc. announced on Oct. 1 that AGT’s planned name change from “Alliance Grain Traders Inc.” to “AGT Food and Ingredients Inc.” is now complete. The name change resolution was approved by shareholders at AGT’s 2014 Annual and Special Meeting on June 19.

“We feel our new name better reflects our business focus and strategy and makes this focus clear to our shareholders, our customers, our stakeholders and to food markets globally. We have embarked on a path towards food ingredients and retail packaged foods through our recent investments and expansions, complementing our legacy business in pulses and staple foods processing, exporting and merchandising,” said Murad Al-Katib, president and chief executive officer of AGT. “Along with our Minot facility, our announced partnerships with both Ingredion and Cargill are important components that signaled a need to create a new name for AGT as we continue our movement up the value chain from being a commodity processor and exporter to a food ingredient producer and supplier. Our re-branding initiative will ensure that customers all over the globe, both current and new, will recognize AGT Food and Ingredients Inc. as a quality producer and supplier of not only pulses and staple foods, but also pulse ingredient flours,
proteins, starches and fibers for human food, branded feed, pet food and aquaculture markets,”

The Toronto Stock Exchange has informed AGT that the common shares of AGT will commence trading under the new name two or three business days following the date of this announcement. AGT will retain the TSX trading symbol “AGT” for its common shares.