WASHINGTON, D.C., U.S. — U.S. 2013 corn production was estimated at a record 13,925,147,000 bushels, down slightly from 13,988,720,000 bushels in November but up 29% from 10,780,296,000 bushels in 2012, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) said in its annual Crop Production 2013 Summary on Jan. 10. 

Soybean production was estimated at 3,288,833,000 bushels, up 1% from 3,257,746,000 bushels in November, up 8% from 3,033,581,000 bushels in 2012 and the third highest on record.

The USDA corn production number was below the average of pre-report trade estimates of 14.1 billion bushels but for soybeans was above the trade average of 3.27 billion bushels.

Corn futures prices rallied about 10¢ a bushel shortly after the report while soybean futures traded mostly higher.

Average corn yield was estimated at 158.8 bushels an acre, down 1.6 bushels from November but up 35.4 bushels from 123.4 bushels an acre as the final 2012 average yield. Harvested area was estimated at 87,668,000 acres, up from 87,232,000 acres in November and from 87,375,000 acres in 2012.

Soybean yield was estimated at 43.3 bushels an acre, up 0.3 bushel from November and up 3.5 bushels from 39.8 bushels an acre in 2012. Harvested area was estimated at 75,869,000 acres, up from 75,688,000 acres in November but down slightly from 76,164,000 acres in 2012.

The USDA yield number for corn was below the average trade forecast of 161.1 bushels an acre but for soybeans was slightly above the trade average of 43.2 bushels.

Grain sorghum production in 2013 was estimated at 389,046,000 bushels, down 6% from November but up 58% from 246,932,000 bushels in 2012.

U.S. 2013 rice production was estimated at 189,886,000 cwts, up 1% from the prior estimate but down 5% from 199,546,000 cwts in 2012.