TEMPE, ARIZONA, U.S. — DeCio Pasta has completed an expansion of its Tempe, Arizona, U.S., manufacturing facility, increasing production capabilities by more than 300% to accommodate “escalating demand” for its flavored pasta products. 

“We have made significant investments in our production capabilities, sales and marketing infrastructure and developed scalable business processes to accommodate snowballing demand for our products,” said Scott Morrison, chief executive officer. 

Morrison compared the growth in the flavored pasta category to that of Greek yogurt. 

“Rapid expansion of the flavored pasta category over the last few years can only be compared to the Greek yogurt phenomenon led by innovator Chobani, which produces 2.2 million cases of yogurt a week and has passed $1 billion in sales since it hit the shelves in 2007,” he said. “In 2007 Greek yogurt made up 0.2% of the yogurt market in the U.S. It now accounts for 50% and Chobani controls half of that market share. We like our prospects.” 

DeCio also announced it is introducing a line of gluten-free pasta in seven varieties: garlic and chive fettuccine, sweet potato fettuccine, tomato basil garlic fettuccine, lemon pepper, spinach basil garlic, sweet potato orzo, and wild mushroom. 

“We have been in the gluten-free planning process for over two years,” Morrison said. “Truly understanding celiac disease and the profound impact it has on those affected was our inspiration and starting point for all product innovation.” 

Morrison said the company’s gluten-free line is made in a dedicated, stand-alone facility.