WEST PERTH, AUSTRALIA — The CBH Group announced on Sept. 27 that it has just built its 500th portable conveyor belt known as a grain stacker.

CBH Country Maintenance & Engineering Manager Matthew Newton said it’s an important milestone that is likely to lead to further improvements at receival sites.

“The 500th stacker is the first to be automated, giving the operator the ability to fully operate the stacker from a distance,” said Newton. “Although this innovation is in its earliest stages, it is our goal that it will enable CBH to receive grain to an open bulk head without the assistance of an operator in the field, improve the level of safety and be energy efficient.”

The CBH Group provides grain stackers to other bulk handlers in Australia.

This development has been 30 years in the making. The first prototype stacker was built in 1983.

“It was nicknamed Dino the Dinosaur by the operators on site, this was due to the size of the stacker and how cumbersome it was to move around. The stacker was capable of 200 tph,” said Newton. “This latest stacker weighs 18.8 tonnes, has a boom length of 23 meters and extends to a height of 9 meters and it has the capacity to run at 500 tph.

“We’re proud of this innovation, and it’s important for CBH to strive for continuous improvements to meet current and future operational requirements, improve safety standards and manage its own energy usage.”