WASHINGTON, D.C., U.S. — For the third time, the U.S. Senate voted down on March 20 an attempt to prevent the Department of Defense from using renewable fuels for its transportation needs, allowing the military to become less reliant on foreign oil. 

Novozymes praised the Senate for continuing its support of the Navy’s advanced biofuels program. Today’s defeated amendment was offered by Sen. Pat Toomey.

“Every day we import oil, we’re putting our troops, families and country at needless risk. We can reduce that risk with a secure energy supply, including renewable fuels,” said Adam Monroe, president of Novozymes North America. “Imagine how much safer our troops and country will be when we’re making more fuel at home, instead of getting it from abroad. Our military understands its needs. Renewables are domestically-made and being used now. Let’s follow today’s bipartisan example in the Senate and let our military move forward getting its energy – and America another way to improve its security.”

Rising jet fuel prices could cost the military an additional $1 billion in 2013, according to the Biotechnology Industry Association. In November 2012, the Senate voted twice to keep the DOD’s biofuel program moving forward:
•           Nov. 28, 2012 – Sen. Mark Udall’s amendment to allow the Department of Defense (DOD) to purchase biofuels passed the Senate. 
•           Nov. 29, 2012 – Sen. Kay Hagan’s amendment to allow the DOD to fund advanced biofuel projects passed the Senate.