KIEV, UKRAINE — Ukraine’s grain exports have increased 3.2 million tonnes, or 24%, over the previous market year, the Ukraine Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food announced on Dec. 17. Exports are on pace to set a new record.

Large increases were seen in wheat (14%), corn (42%) and oilseeds (60%).

“Agrarian producers have managed to harvest 63 million tonnes of grain this year, which is a good prerequisite to increase exports,” said Minister Mykola Prysyazhnyuk.

Asia, Africa and Europe were the most active buyers of Ukrainian grain. The E.U. bought $2.2 billion of Ukrainian grain and oilseeds. Asia’s purchases totalled $2.4 billion and African nations bought $1.4 billion in grain.

Prysyazhnyuk said exports slow down slightly in January-February and begin to accelerate again in the early spring.

“By the end of the marketing year, we plan to export up to 32 million tonnes of grain. This is a record for Ukraine. Opening new markets, including China, contributed to the increase in grain deliveries abroad,” he said.