BRUSSELS, BELGIUM — Representatives of the E.U. feed business sectors started working on the third update of the E.U. Feed Materials Catalog. Feed business operators are invited to propose suggestions for further amendments to the catalog (new entries or amendments to description, including maximum contents for chemical impurities from the manufacturing process and from processing aids) before Jan. 15, 2014.

Proposals for amendments should be submitted via the following link:

Applicants are requested to follow carefully the recommendations below:

• This call does not concern amendments related to the translation from the English version of the catalog into national languages. Requests for amendments due to inappropriate translation shall be addressed with national authorities.
• As a matter of principle, only feed materials listed in the register of feed materials are eligible for “transfer” into the catalogue.
• For proposals for new entries, requests for inclusion in the catalog should specify the name of the feed material, its category, a proper description as well as proposed labelling particulars. In addition, the applicant shall specify the present registration number of the product as delivered by the Register of Feed materials.
• The purpose of the ongoing update of the Catalog of Feed materials is to focus on essential amendments of existing entries and essential new entries.