BRUSSELS, BELGIUM — The European Biodiesel Board (EBB) confirmed on Oct. 1 that the E.U. Commission disclosed a proposal for definitive anti-dumping duties against unfair biodiesel imports from Indonesia and Argentina. 

The disclosure, which includes a duty proposal, has to be considered as an important move of the E.U. Commission to tackle highly trade distortive practices including Differential Export Taxes (DETs) regimes applied by these two countries.

The E.U. industry is suffering due to unfair trade practices, the EBB said. Since 2010, Argentina and Indonesia account for more than 90% of European biodiesel imports.

The situation is worsening every week: in fact provisional anti-dumping duties imposed last May were well below the level needed to stop unfair imports and market sources report that very important quantities of Argentine and Indonesian biodiesel have been shipped to the E.U. during the summer, EBB said.

The newly proposed levels for definitive anti-dumping duties are:
- Between €215-€250/tonne for biodiesel imported from Argentina; and
- Between €120-€180/tonne for biodiesel imported from Indonesia.

EBB considers that such duty levels should still be higher in order to cover the full dumping margin identified by the Commission for exporters from the two countries.