MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA — CN announced on Sept. 4 that it is acquiring more than 2,200 new freight cars in 2012, as well as 1,300 new containers, to support traffic growth and improve customer service.
Jean-Jacques Ruest, executive vice-president and chief marketing officer, said, "CN is acquiring new freight cars and containers for a range of markets, including forest products, metals, minerals, coal, iron ore, steel, consumer goods, finished vehicles and grain. These fleet additions will help us grow in line with our customers' demands and ensure CN has the right mix of modern, productive assets."
CN's largest rolling stock addition in 2012 is the acquisition of 600 premium 60-foot, double-door box cars for forest products, and metals traffic. These higher payload cars help improve customer loading efficiency.
CN's other main 2012 fleet additions are:
•           1,300 containers for grocery and consumer goods.
•           558 high-capacity modern covered hoppers for grain exports.
•           317 multi-level cars for finished vehicles deliveries to major cities.
•           300 gondolas for coal exports.
•           232 new ore cars for pelletized iron ore produced in Minnesota to supply steel mills in the U.S.
•           200 multi-purpose box cars for the North American freight car pool.
"CN's rolling stock acquisition strategy is responding to evolving market conditions and is intended to ensure reliable, predictable supply chains for our customers,” Ruest said.