WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA — Cargill Limited announced on Aug. 20 the launch of its most aggressive Specialty Canola Oil (SCO) contracting program offered to growers since 2005.

“We are absolutely thrilled to offer our valued grower customers such an attractive contract,” said Chris Aud, vice-president and commercial manager for Cargill Specialty Canola Oils. “We feel confident that the combination of higher grower premiums, new market leading hybrids and a simple program all add up to the best SCO contract we’ve ever released to the market. It will drive higher returns for canola growers.”

For 2013 SCO contracts, Cargill recommends that growers talk to their local Cargill representatives and selected independent retails for tailored approaches to planning their next crops and to learn about contract details.

“Providing higher returns for canola growers is one of our highest priorities,” said Aud. “With near historic canola values, growers shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to grow the highest yielding varieties. Combine these with a very strong specialty premium and SCO growers are ensured the highest possible returns.”