ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA, U.S. — CHS Inc. announced on July 2 that it has purchased 50% ownership of Andali, a provider of fertilizer storage and blending services based in Paranagua, Brazil.  

"CHS strategic investment in Andali supports our global fertilizer growth aspiration," said Stefano Rettore, senior vice-president, CHS South America. "CHS will have secure, long-term access to fertilizer capacity for current and future demand allowing us to serve rapidly developing corn and soybean production."

This investment will allow Andali to further develop its industrial capacity on a national scale with improved and expanded services and efficiencies. 

Rafael Vaccari Goncalves, recently appointed chief executive officer of Andali, welcomes CHS investment. 

"Andali and CHS share common values. With this investment Andali is going to be well-positioned to deliver high quality fertilizer services to customers throughout Brazil," said Vaccari Goncalves.

CHS currently has a service agreement with Andali, part of its extensive supply chain capabilities.  "CHS sources fertilizer from 20 countries and has the global expertise, connections and customer focus to expand fertilizer sales in this important geography," said Rettore.