CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA — Viterra Inc. and the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) announced on June 21 a grain-handling agreement to serve farmers and end-use customers in the new western Canadian grain-marketing environment beginning Aug. 1.

"We are very pleased to forge a new alliance with Viterra that will greatly assist the CWB in marketing farmers' grain through our pool programs," said CWB President and Chief Executive Officer Ian White. "Access to Viterra facilities means farmers now have a wide range of locations to deliver the grain they contract with CWB."

Under the commercial agreement, Viterra will accept deliveries of grain that farmers commit to CWB contracts at all Viterra locations across Western Canada. The agreement also includes port handling services.

"This agreement provides growers with access to the CWB pool programs for wheat, durum, and barley, and to Viterra's comprehensive logistics network across Western Canada" said Fran Malecha, Viterra chief operating officer, grain.