WEST PERTH, AUSTRALIA — The CBH Group said on June 7 that it is calling on growers to assist in vital harvest planning by providing their crop estimates for the 2012-13 season.

The record breaking 15 million tonne harvest delivered in 2011-12 highlighted the importance of grower's crop estimates in order to help CBH Operations plan the services at local bins.

Growers who complete their crop estimates by July 6 will also be in the running to win a trip for two people to Singapore, staying in a five-star resort for five nights.

CBH Operations Manager Max Johnson said that without understanding what is being grown in each area, CBH can't make the best decisions about what services to offer at each site.

"It's very much like a reservation system at a hotel; if they don't know you're coming how can they make room for you?" Johnson said. "It is vital that we get that estimate information so we can provide the service that growers expect when they arrive at their local site.

"We've had many examples in the past where estimates haven't been returned to us and we have therefore been unaware of additional volumes delivered to particular sites. As a result, significant additional cost has been borne by other growers, who have returned their estimates, who have had to cart further to access the services that they need.”

Growers have the option of completing a paper form that will be sent to them or entering their details online through LoadNet.

Those growers who don't have access to LoadNet, need further information or require assistance with submitting their crop estimate forms, should call the CBH Group Grower Service Centre on 1.800.199.083.