MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA — The Montreal Port Authority (MPA) said July 21 that it has obtained an injunction allowing access to the port and to continue work unrelated to the employees of the Maritime Employers Association (MEA) following the labor dispute with the group that began July 18.

The authority also said that the grain terminal can receive and ship cargo. Rail traffic in the port has resumed, and all freight cars are being consigned and loaded. Freight cars that were loaded before the conflict are leaving the terminals.

Cargo on the terminal property is not being handled, and no vessel requiring the work of longshoremen for its operation is in the port. Certain access points to port territory are closed.

The MEA announced the lockout on July 18. The MPA, which is not party to the conflict, said it regrets the inconveniences that this situation may cause to shippers, their customers and other users of port services. The MPA hopes that the parties come to an agreement so that the port activities affected by the conflict can return to normal as soon as possible.

The MPA’s mission is to manage the infrastructure efficiently and facilitate its clients’ transportation and logistical activities in order to promote trade and contribute to the prosperity of Greater Montreal, Québec and Canada.

The labor dispute involves the Maritime Employers Association (MEA) and its longshore labor force. The MEA is a nonprofit organization representing member companies involved in shipping, including ship owners, operators and agents, stevedoring contractors and terminal operators.