MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, U.S. — The Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) is offering an opportunity to network with South American grain handling industry executives, operations professionals, equipment and services providers during a trip to Argentina Aug. 26-30.

Participants will visit the heart of Argentina’s grain industry and interact with one of GEAPS’ closest international strategic alliances, APOSGRAN.  GEAPS’ International President Bill Lyster will be traveling to Rosario, Argentina, to represent GEAPS at APOSGRAN’s annual conference and trade show, JORNATEC in Rosario. Grain industry leaders from all over South America will attend the conference, providing an opportunity to network with grain industry leaders from countries including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay.

“I encourage everyone to take advantage of this unique opportunity to see the world of grain operations management from a different perspective, “said Lyster. “I know from my predecessors that this is a fun and exciting experience that will benefit you personally and professionally.”

Another highlight of the trip will be a boat tour of the Parana river to visit a facility that has one of the largest storage capacities in the world and a soybean processing capacity of 18,000 tonnes per day. Along the river, you will also see various ports, including grain export facilities of Louis Dreyfus, Noble, and Cargill. Participants will be responsible for making their own travel arrangements to and from Buenos Aires, which is the start-and end-point of the GEAPS delegation itinerary.

GEAPS staff will provide a detailed itinerary prior to leaving including site information/meeting points, restaurants, shopping, and facility tours. All ground transportation to and from Rosario and hotel accommodations in Rosario will be made in advance, as well. Contact GEAPS Programs & Services Coordinator Betsy Polis at 1.952.928.4640 or e-mail to [email protected].