ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA, U.S. — CHS Inc. and Tokyo-based Zen-Noh announced on May7 that CHS has acquired 51% of CZL Ltd., a joint venture company that will supply commodities, primarily wheat and barley, to Japan. The joint venture will be managed from the CZL office in Tokyo.

“CHS and Zen-Noh have been strong trading partners for more than 30 years,” said Rick Browne, senior vice-president, CHS Asia-Pacific. “This formal agreement strengthens CHS role in adding value to member-owners grain by aligning with these trusted partners in an important Asia-Pacific market.”

CZL will market commodities that primarily are sourced in the U.S., Canada and Australia, to Japan. Japan is the top global destination for wheat and barley imports. Browne said the partnership is particularly significant for CHS shippers and growers sending grain from the Midwest and Pacific Northwest to export terminals in Kalama and Tacoma, Washington, U.S., and Portland, Oregon, U.S.

“Strategically aligning grain origination with growing consumer demand is core to our continued global commodities expansion on behalf of our cooperative owners,” Browne said.