KONSTANZ, GERMANY — CESCO EPC is working with United Feed Co. in Saudi Arabia for a new project that includes steel storage and conveying equipment.

The project includes 15 corrugated steel flat-bottom storage silos with a total capacity of 205,152 tonnes. CESCO will provide conveying equipment for a flat storage warehouse for soy meal, covering a surface area of 3,800 square meters.

“This substantial storage capacity allows UFS to maintain a strategic reserve of essential feedstock materials, mitigating the impact of potential supply chain disruptions,” CESCO said.

The plant is designed to receive, transport, and store free-flowing materials like grains, cereals and oilseeds. With two dedicated high capacity receiving lines for grain with a capacity of 400 tph and two 125 tph lines for soy meal, the facility can handle a significant daily intake, ensuring a consistent supply of raw materials for UFC’s production needs.

Grains undergo a thorough pre-cleaning process using advanced rotary cleaners and magnet pipes to remove impurities. Flow scales integrated into the system ensure accurate weighing of incoming materials, optimizing production efficiency and cost control.

The plant features a versatile reclaiming and recycling system that allows for efficient distribution of stored materials. Grain can be directed to bulk truck out-loading silos, bagging lines, or back to storage based on production requirements.

CESCO’s chain conveyors, belt bucket elevators, and roller belt conveyors are incorporated throughout the facility. These conveyors offer several advantages, including improved cleanability, reduced maintenance needs and a modular design for easier transport and installation.

The design of the plant enables simultaneous operation of various processes. For example, grain and soy meal receiving/loading can occur concurrently, maximizing overall efficiency and throughput.

The design accommodates future expansion with an additional nine corrugated steel flat-bottom storage silos, increasing the total capacity by over 123,091 tonnes to reach a combined capacity of 328,243 tonnes. Additionally, the soy meal storage capacity will be doubled to a total of 7,600 square meters.

Founded in 1985, UFC is a key player in Saudi Arabia’s food industry, providing high-quality 100% plant-based animal feed products, including grains like barley, flaked barley and rolled barley.

This project with CESCO strengthens UFC’s capacity to maintain a stable supply of essential animal feed products, significantly contributing to food security in the region.