KYIV, UKRAINE — APK-Inform increased its forecast for the 2023 Ukraine grain harvest to 54.7 million tonnes from its previous estimate of 53.4 million tonnes due to better yield, Reuters reported.

The agriculture consultancy increased its corn harvest forecast to 26 million tonnes from 24.8 million tonnes a month earlier.

Ukraine could export 34.7 million tonnes of grain in 2023-24, including 13 million tonnes of wheat and 19 million tonnes of corn.

Since Russia left the Black Sea Grain initiative in July, which had allowed for the safe export of grain from the region, Ukraine has established a “humanitarian corridor.” The grain initiative was established to allow for exports following Russia’s February 2022 invasion of Ukraine.

The route runs along Ukraine’s southwest Black Sea coast in Romanian waters and toward Turkey. As of Nov. 14, Ukraine hadexported 4 million tonnesthrough the corridor.