WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA — Ag Growth International’s (AGI) Nobleford, Alberta, Canada, manufacturing facility reached a safety milestone of three years with no lost time incidents.

A lost time incident (LTI) refers to a non-fatal injury that results in disability or an employee missing work due to an injury. An LTI measurement is a baseline representation of a company’s safety performance and the effects of those injuries on workforce productivity.

“This remarkable three-year accomplishment exemplifies AGI’s worldwide commitment to workplace safety,” said Paul Householder, president and chief executive officer of AGI. “AGI is on a relentless quest to zero incidents. Our goal is that every employee — regardless of where they work or the type of environment they work in — return home safely at the end of each day.”

AGI has implemented a comprehensive Safety Management System (ASMS), that proactively monitors and guides performance at the facility level. Safety is continuously assessed based on leading and lagging indicators.

“I am very proud of the Nobleford team’s three-year no lost-time record. Safety is truly a part of our culture,” said Kevin Fitzhenry, AGI Nobleford plant manager. “It is the first part of every employee and management meeting or discussion. Everybody works together to address concerns and make changes before an observation becomes a problem.”

A community employer and agricultural equipment manufacturer since the 1990s, AGI’s Nobleford facility features two distinct production lines. One section custom-manufactures AGI’s best-in-class above-ground, large-installation storage tanks for a wide range of commercial and industrial uses. The other line produces grain aeration equipment for use by farms across North America.

Fitzhenry said, due to work task diversity, each manufacturing line requires a unique set of safety protocols to mitigate risk. He credits the AGI Nobleford team for their dedication to detail.

“Accidents can happen,” he said. “This team’s dedication to continuous education, hazard awareness, incident reporting and remediation of potential risk areas — along with a deep desire to keep colleagues safe — really matters.”

This quarter, three AGI manufacturing facilities have achieved AGI’s Safety Standout Award, which recognizes significant milestones with no lost time incidents: (10 years) Olds, Alberta, and (three years) Nobleford, Alberta and Joplin, Missouri, US.