WASHINGTON, D.C., U.S. — The U.S. Grains Council announced on Feb. 1 that it has created an online version of its annual report that is available now at www.usgcAnnualReport.org.

The online report includes success stories from the year, video highlights and market profiles from more than 25 countries and regions. Market profile pages display supply/demand charts, market growth potential and other information viewers may find useful, including highlights from Council programs in each country.

The project was an initiative of the Council’s Membership and Communications Advisory Team (Mem/Com A-Team).

“The U.S. Grains Council gathers and produces so much information on an annual basis, we felt an online annual report would be a great way to organize and share more information with more people,” said Rex Martin of Syngenta, leader of the Council’s Mem/Com A-Team. “While a considerably smaller, printed annual report will still be available, members and others interested in Council activities will find the online report a valuable, ongoing resource.”

An exclusive feature of the online report provides access to downloadable spreadsheets containing supply/demand data for more than 25 countries and regions that are provided on the individual market profile pages.

Martin said videos, photos and other parts of the site were made possible by a communicators travel program, another Mem/Com A-Team initiative. The program allowed communications staff from member organizations to travel on select Council missions to capture such details.

The online report is available on its own website, www.usgcAnnualReport.org, while the printed publication will be mailed to Council members. A downloadable form of the printed publication is also available online.