SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — Commodity management companies Control Union and Veridapt are partnering to provide physical and digital monitoring services to take the bulk inventory verification process to a new level of transparency.

Veridapt’s digital real-time monitoring technology will complement Control Union’s long established independent verification services providing maximum transparency and traceability of commodity inventories. This will lead to greater risk mitigation and open the door to new financing and collateral opportunities.

With “boots on the ground” in more than 85 countries, Control Union has focused its efforts on developing services around the sustainability of the industry’s supply chains that feed into the food, feed, forestry, biomass, bioenergy, social compliance and textiles markets.

Control Union’s vast expertise in inspection, sampling and supervision enables it to provide worldwide support to customers across a broad spectrum of disciplines, from government and institution services and draught surveys through to weight and quantity determination.

Veridapt has been leading the digital revolution in inventory monitoring and reconciliation for more than 20 years. Its real-time technology delivers measurement and visibility of energy, ag and metal commodities in silos, tanks or stockpiles through its unique IoT platform.

Veridapt also is developing its IoT platform, AI tracking and change detection technology to augment the work of Control Union around the world.

By deploying Veridapt’s digital technology in collaboration with Control Union to monitor commodities stocks, collateral management and inspection services will be greatly enhanced, mitigating the risks associated with the quantity and condition of goods, integrating live data and optimizing a secure deal flow of documents.

“Customers will benefit from a one stop shop of tailor-made solutions for enhanced security and traceability, provided by highly skilled professionals using cutting edge technologies,” said Manuel Teijeiro, managing director, Control Union, EMEA.

“We are excited to partner with Control Union as we share a common goal of providing transparency to commodity supply chains around the world,” said Sean Birrell, co-founder and CTO of Veridapt. “The best solutions for complex challenges are often those that combine great people and technology in partnership — that’s why Control Union and Veridapt together can make a real difference.”