TOPSFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS, US — Meggie Palmer, a globally renowned speaker, facilitator and executive coach, will be the keynote speaker at the 2023 Women in Agribusiness (WIA) Summit, which will be in Nashville, Tennessee, US, Sept. 26-28.

Titled “Write Your Success Story,” Palmer’s address will draw upon her experience as a confidence creator through her work with Fortune 100 companies on diversification efforts, and her founding of the PepTalkHer App, which helps close the gender gap by providing professional track sessions and navigation pathways to promotions and business success. 

“It seemed fitting to announce this powerhouse keynote speaker on International Women’s Day, a time when we reflect on the progress made in women’s rights movements, such as gender parity,” said Carrie Vita, WIA event director with parent company HighQuest Partners. “Palmer is a dynamic speaker and seasoned professional who will kick off our 12th annual conference with inspiration and motivation, helping women shape their personal stories to bridge the confidence gap. Attendees will walk away with actionable insights.”

Palmer will focus on the relationship between personal stories and confidence and learning practical strategies for crafting a compelling narrative that aligns with one’s goals and aspirations. She also will delve into the art of self-reflection, identifying limiting beliefs, and reframing one’s mindset to cultivate a more confident and empowered version of oneself.

Additionally, through her pre-opening event workshop “Negotiate Like a Pro,” Palmer will help individuals level up in their careers, with the mission to close the gaps – like gender pay – that limit this. She will share tactics for recording wins, approaching negotiations with confidence, stating your ask, and arriving at an outcome that is beneficial to all parties. Told through real-life examples, the workshop will help identify opportunities where negotiation can be used to advance career outcomes.

Women in Agribusiness is a business unit of HighQuest Partners, a US-based global agribusiness events and media firm. TheWomen in Agribusiness Summit, now in its 12th year, shares business knowledge and industry innovations that help women excel in the sector. Attendees benefit from presentations on the latest trends, outlooks and innovations in ag, networking opportunities with industry executives and professional development. Learn more and register for the summit