MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, US — Thomas Coyle has stepped down as an independent director of the board of directors at Ceres Global Ag Corp. to take on a larger role as a consultant to the Minneapolis-based company. He will provide insight in the areas of operations, trading, business development, administration and management.

A veteran with more than 43 years of experience working in agriculture, Coyle retired in 2019. Prior to retiring he was managing director for North America at Cofco International and general manager for Nidera’s grain and oilseed business, where he oversaw the largest delivery warehouse for Chicago Board of Trade futures contracts.

He is a past chairman of the National Grain and Feed Association, where he also served as chairman of its Risk Management Committee. Throughout his career, Coyle has worked extensively with the exchanges and the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission to address issues in commodity futures markets including contract design.

“It is clear from Tom’s contributions to date as a member of our board that Ceres will benefit greatly by Tom transitioning to a more hands-on role supporting the management team,” said James Vanasek, chairman of Ceres’ board of directors.

“Tom’s depth of experience working in agriculture — and in particular, futures delivery markets — has helped shape Ceres’ operations and risk management, and we look forward to his continued support as a consultant to the corporation,” added Carlos Paz, president and chief executive officer of Ceres.