VILLARTA DE SAN JUAN, SPAIN — Symaga made progress toward improving its waste management last year and is continuing its sustainability efforts into 2023.

The company built up its recycling units by using more containers to efficiently separate cardboard paper. Two existing recycling areas were extended and restructured to generate more movement freedom and facilitate unloading.

Other environmental efforts included renovating 25% of its forklift fleet from combustion motors to electric. More than 50% of its overall energy consumption comes from a green renewable source. This was achieved through the extension of its photovoltaic solar energy plant installed in 2020.

For 2023, a key sustainability goal is adding more segregation points and expanding a new action plan to protect the environment.

“We are proud at Symaga because our factory produces silos in a more sustainable way,” the company said. “Our objective is to be leading the future steps to sustainability.”