LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND — Louis Dreyfus Co. (LDC) has introduced the Climate Resilience Prize, a new 100,000 Swiss franc award that supports startups working to drive climate resilience in agriculture and food value chains. The award is being offered in connection with MassChallenge Switzerland, which is a nonprofit organization funded by corporate, public and foundation partners to fund promising startups of all industries.

“Through this partnership with MassChallenge Switzerland, LDC is excited to connect and collaborate with innovative and like-minded startups looking to tackle climate resilience challenges in supply chains from farm to fork, aiming ultimately to help shape a more sustainable future of food and agriculture, while creating fair and sustainable value for the benefit of current and future generations,” said Michael Gelchie, chief executive officer of LDC.

“Since 2021, MassChallenge Switzerland has been supporting startups whose work contributes to tackling climate issues And, as part of this mission, I am delighted and grateful to partner with LDC as the sponsor and architect of the new LDC Climate Resilience Prize for this year’s program,” said Ian Roberts, president of MassChallenge Switzerland.

LDC said it is seeking startups with proven solutions or technologies in one of nine areas:

  • maritime freight
  • sustainable energy
  • CO2 reduction technologies
  • alternative proteins
  • agri-commodities, agricultural byproducts and plant-based specialty ingredients
  • regenerative agriculture and smart farming
  • sustainable livestock farming
  • food and feed ag supply chain and digitalization
  • sustainable natural fiber production

The winner of the award will be announced at the MassChallenge Switzerland Awards on Oct. 26, 2023, and will receive 100,000 Swiss francs.

For more information, visit Louis Dreyfus Company.