ALVIN, TEXAS, US — RiceTec has named Lisa Safarian, president, and chief operating officer of Pivot Bio, to its board of directors, providing insight and support as RiceTec further expands its sustainable rice seed technologies.

“We’re extremely happy to have Lisa further strengthening our board,” said Karsten Neuffer, chief executive officer, RiceTec Global. “RiceTec will greatly benefit from her deep experience in agriculture and understanding of farmers’ needs for technology innovation and sustainable solutions. Her advice will be valuable to the company and our customers.”

As the head of Pivot Bio, Safarian is an advocate for agriculture, dedicating her career to advancing solutions for famers. Previously, she has held numerous leadership roles in agriculture and has a track record of successfully growing businesses.

“I am extremely excited to join the RiceTec board,” Safarian said. “Their focus on technology for their farmers, as well as their commitment to sustainability, create a tremendous opportunity to help feed the world in an environmentally friendly way.”

Headquartered in Alvin, Texas, US, RiceTec drives sustainable food production through rice seed technology. RiceTec has been developing hybrid rice seed since 1988, offering the first commercial hybrid rice seed product in 1999. 

“With Lisa Safarian, we have brought on board a seed expert whose extensive know-how will enable to support RiceTec’s mission to improve the sustainability footprint of the entire rice-growing industry globally,” said Constantin Liechtenstein, chairman of the board and CEO of Liechtenstein Group, which owns RiceTec.